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Huddah Monroe in Trouble: And here is why..

"Dress kids like kids" Huddah

"It's Alot Of Women And Men Who Don't Know How To
Dress Their Kids Like Kids," this was Huddah's first statement on her instagram after she was allegedly mentioned for commenting on  zari's kids photo

 "You Are Claiming I Was Talkimg About Them. I Have No Time For y'all Fueling Non Existent Beef" she replied. "I Am Not Here To Gret Into Drama For Y'all's Entertainment, I Did That Long Ago and It Didn't Add Any Value To My

She did However Comment on their dressing saying 'Kids should be dressed like kids' claiming she had a right to comment to Anything she Observe.

  "I am Responsible For What I Write But Not Responsible For What You Choose To Understand If You Dont Like The New me..Don't You Worry You Will Adjust... I Am about To Start Preaching bible Verses. So Brace Yourselves," she added.

 What is your say about this pictures?
and was Huddah wrong for her statement  "Dress kid like kids"?...what is wrong with this statement?

Comment and share.lets hear your views..
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