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Modelling as a Career;Ben Kristine

Beauty is you..



Discovering what makes or breaks a model’s career is a crucial but an important topic tonight.Its heart-breaking to see a talent or a passion go to waste.When models put themselves out there,it is because they believe in something beautiful,and i stand on this belief. Modeling is a unique career offering a unique creativity.In our world today,modeling plays an important role with its unique creativity and style,this is in cases like advertisement,fashion,music,companies and most importantly,,career

Today i had a lifetime opportunity and had a one on one interview with Christine,a model and a student,currently studding at jaramogi oginga odinga university in kisumu.Being a first year student and an ambitious model is not easy.Sometimes u work for good money but then the agency takes a lot than expected

Blog; tells us your full name and something small about yourself?
kristine:Am Christine kwamboka osuma also known as kristine,am aged 21 yrs and i love photography
Blog; tell us about your journey?
kristine:started doing modeling in 2014,that was in form 3,i loved photography and that's where my passion and modeling spirit started.

Blog; is modeling your career?
kristine:currently am pursuing international tourism management,but modelling is my passion,if i get a modeling job,i go for it
Blog;tells us about your work experience as a model?kristine:Sometimes u work for good money but then the agency takes a lot than expected,so i had to quit my last job at an agency here in Kenya
Blog;so sad,but why modeling?kristine:I love and admire modeling and am also into fashion and trending just into modeling

Blog:in your former job as a model,what were your challenges?kristine:In the modeling field sometimes there are corn men,,u pay for registrations and they stand u up.

Blog:what advice do you give your fellow models?kristine:Beauty is you,,and not them

Blog:before we end this,tell us,how can people contact you?
kristine:you can follow me on:
Facebook; Ben kristin

Blog:thank you Kristine for your time,
Kristine: pleasure is all mine,am grateful 
Someone once told me that photography is not about taking a pictures but its about creating an image"
photography by Morio pictures


 contact Kristine on:

Facebook;Ben kristin
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