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LEAKED: Lupita Nyongo's photo exposing her "nunu" in public leaked

LEAKED: Lupita Nyongo's photo exposing her "nunu" leaked

Kenyan-Mexican celebrity did not choose her dress with much consideration,giving paparazzi like us a story to tell.
Its high time she realizes that now she is a celebrity and an icon with followers all over the world.paparazzi will never stop following her,waiting for her to make a mistake in order to create a story..

the star in the new movie "BLACK PANTHER"to be released  early this year,left many in disbelief after exposing her inner part in public

A award winning and a top Hollywood actress lupita nyongo left "mafisi" speechless after almost exposing her "forbidden fruit" in public'

leave lupita alone,akothee ashawashinda now your after the beautiful lupita.. 

she is an African idolshe was getting off her car wen the picture was taken.

see social media hilarious responses:

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