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Is Fena Gitu really a lesbian?-photos. eldoretplus

Is Fena gitu really a lesbian?
Fenamenal Woman,an Artiste and Founder of Fenamenal Entertainment,has just proved that her real test and intentions are not on men-So mafisi please keep off.She has added facts on the doubts with her recent comments on Homosexuality and her latest song video,"Romantic".She also did go live on Instagram where she leaked a video with her new "Bae" KimanI

To add salt on the story,Romantic hit maker fena went on instagam and posted a video with kamani,her new "Bae" as she termed it.On the video,the two couples who seems to be in a real happy relationship admitted to their followers that they are really dating and they made it clear they want the whole world to know...
On her video,she ditches a guy in a restaurant and heads home,only to find out that its actually Rawbeena who is waiting for her.
Bae;'heey cant stop thinking about you
Fena gitu"hehe oooh"

this is not the first time this issue is raised,but she denies the allegations saying,people think of her that way because she is a female rapper ,but the allegations are yet to be confirmed
social comments
  • Nyi watu wa uptown.. Hi ngoma ni tam c mbaya but ni aje manzi anaimbia manzi?? .... Achen kutuchingi changa... Be straight guyz
  • watch the video carefully,the guy is just there to confuse us.......thumbs up
  • Who has seen this video with a third eye? who is Fena talking to? 
    during the phone call.
  • I had to watch the video several times to understand the concept. Nevertheless, its a biiiiig tune. Who said Kenyan artists don't produce good music?
  • hawa madem ni malele from this video
  • This song just brings about Lesbianism Big dreams u did wrong things on this Vida....sikubaliani na ww Ricko
  • Umewai wachwa in suspunse? Was waiting to see date ni ya kina nani.....especially that hapa kijana ni mmoja na "madame" ni wawili. Ok, let me wait probably they forgot to say it shall be continued
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