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Size8Reborn;Don't preach to us water and drink wine

size 8 reborn attacked on social media

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If only we can not conform to the standards of the world, but let God transform us inwardly by the complete change of the mind. To let go of the familiar things we know , to stop trading Gods plan for our own and allow God to paint his own picture of our lives. What you really think you are may be so different from Gods perfect picture of you. Lord i let go of who i think i am and allow you to change me to who you created me to be...size8reborn post from facebook.This message from a post on facebook has been a topic on social media,

Don't preach water and drink wine" size 8 fun

@size8reborn this is too much! It scares me because you look like a doll.
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size 8 response;
Young ladies you can do your make up look good enjoy life positively all in christ Jesus. In Christ there's Devine inner beauty altogether in joy that the world will never give you........... don't shy away from salvation that is giving your life to Christ Jesus because you are afraid utakaa vibaya 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 love you all.

social media responses

  • @size8reborn this is too much! It scares me because you look like a doll. I love the other message about Christ and salvation
  • @size8reborn A make up is okay. Depending on someone. But when it's too much, it's too much, there's no going back and forth about how the make up is in this particular picture, it is just too much.
  • @size8reborn The make up.... Issa No
  • @size8reborn I love your hair but your make up woi!
  • @size8reborn too much of everything is poisonous...Punguza kidogo and u will look great sentiments tho
  •  @size8reborn talking of make up. We are told we are born in the image and likeness of God..
  • @size8reborn ile design una makeup mob hizi siku ukinyeshewa utakuwa na gully erosion   
Big Quiz.Does it mean if your born again,you should not engage or compare yourself to the worldly possessions??   lets here from you.

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