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50m spent on skin.

after her last surgery,which she had a breast implant "which didn't turn out as she wanted"
Vera sidika,a  socialite in Kenya spent 50 Million to bleach her amount you can invest or open a business..that is for a normal person..instead of spending in socialism 

when you start to go around bragging about your new hair style and its worth,just take a moment and do the maths,how much is 5om?.50 m is an amount that if i get,i will start looking for a place to invent,open shops and small branding company.but thats me.Vera sidika on the other hand decided to throw away her money deep into her skin.,,,Beauty costs.but not that much.

Vera's Response on Facebook:

"People will JUDGE you when you're RICH & they'll JUDGE you when you're POOR! They'll judge you for being in great shape & judge you for being out of shape! For saying too much or saying too little. It doesn't matter what you say or do because someone is going to judge u anyway! & for that reason, you should do the F*CK you want!"

BIG Question!

How much can you spend on your beauty?and how far can you go to supplement it?
send us your feedback.dont forget to share.

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